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Since 1928, Lancaster Catholic High School (LCHS) has been a beacon for a superior education which is rooted in faith, tradition and excellence; the faculty and staff work ceaselessly to provide an education incomparable to any other by integrating the foundations of our Catholic faith with the highest standards of academic achievement. Four years at LCHS is much more than the classroom experience, it is a preparation for each student to better serve our community through the lens of Catholic identity by sharing the talents that they have been blessed with.

By choosing to give to Lancaster Catholic, you become a crucial member in the future of our students by providing support to maintain a diverse and innovative educational environment, and keep the doors inviting and affordable for any family who would like the choice of a Catholic education.

Your gift offers more than just operating support and an affordable tuition; it enables students to pursue their interests through an array of extracurricular activities moderated by expert coaches and staff, allows for an exploration of all facets of the Catholic faith through retreats and spiritual life experiences, as well as making it possible for thousands of people all over the world to call LCHS, family.

As Blessed Mother Teresa said, "We know all too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something."

Your investment in Lancaster Catholic contributes to more than the current students at LCHS. Even the most minimal of donations can be the cause for a transformation in someone's world; together with the Advancement Team, you can help actualize the dreams of the future leaders of our community.

Thank you for your belief in the power and importance of a Catholic education and for your continued aid in the creation of Lancaster Catholic High School as a dynamic community inspired by the messages of our faith.


Lancaster Catholic High School could not stand without the generous gifts of you - our alumni, parents, friends and corporate benefactors. Thank you for allowing the families of Lancaster County to have the choice of a Catholic education and for helping us to create an environment where each student is able to access the best educational curriculum, extracurricular programming, and campus ministry so they may reach their fullest potential!

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Gifts in Kind

Giving to Lancaster Catholic High School can be more than just a monetary donation. Non-cash gifts of property and services also make an incredible impact for the students and families at our school. The generous contribution of in-kind gifts are equally transformative to the spiritual, academic, athletic and musical/artistic lives of our school.

Gifts in Kind are a great way to determine exactly what your donation will do for the LCHS family as gifts can range from technological resources, a requested set of books for a classroom, to food and facility use for one of our fundraising events! Please review our Wish list and consider transforming the life of a Lancaster Catholic student by providing for a specific need. Any gift of this nature can make a true and immediate difference at LCHS!

The fair market value of such items is deductible for income tax purposes. A formal appraisal is required by the IRS for gifts in-kind valued at over $5000.00.

Are We Your PERFECT Match?

Did you know that your gift can be multiplied with a matching gift from your employer? Like you, your employer wants to make a difference; you can partner with them to help our students even more with your gift, no matter how small. Any gift given to the Lancaster Catholic Fund can be matched by qualifying employers, so your gift could have double the transformative impact at LCHS!

More than 8,000 companies offer corporate matching gift programs with LCHS; inspiring students to achieve their highest potential is as easy as using the search box below to determine if your company matches or visiting your Human Resources Department to pick up a form!