Shirley A. Bielmyer ‘60 Scholarship

This special scholarship has been established by Shirley A. Bielmyer class of 1960 to provide a $4,000 annual scholarship towards tuition at Lancaster Catholic. Shirley is interested in making a difference in a student’s life by providing them a Lancaster Catholic education. She is committed to her faith and in sharing her treasures with our youth.

The scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman student who has shown an aptitude for studies and has a strong personal desire for a Lancaster Catholic education but lacks the financial resources necessary to pay full tuition. He/she will be a regular church attendee and active in parish life. This student will endeavor to maintain a “B” average while involving himself/herself in the school community by participating in a minimum of one extra-curricular activity.

Recipients of the Shirley A. Bielmyer ’60 Scholarship will be selected in consultation with Shirley A. Bielmyer. Students interested in applying for this scholarship must upload an essay describing why he/she would like to attend Catholic High and what extra-curricular activity/activities he/she would pursue. In addition, a letter of recommendation from the student’s pastor needs to be mailed to Catholic High.
All students applying for this scholarship MUST apply for financial aid through the online FACTS application. An Application Cover Sheet must be completed and submitted along with the essay to Essays should be uploaded by March 1, 2020.