2021 Fall Sports Guidelines


UPDATED 9/14/21



We completed the 2020-21 school year with very little disruption to our athletic program. This was accomplished through constant monitoring and adjusting to Covid situations as needed.  The commitment from players & coaches to follow protocols in order to not lose games or practices was a big part of this success.


In order to succeed again this fall and have minimal to no shutdowns, the following guidelines will be in place for the fall season.  These policies are intended to allow our student athletes to complete as much of their season as possible and be able to compete for section, league, district & state championships.  



  1. Masks MUST be worn at all times while traveling to a contest or scrimmage on the team bus or team vans.
  2. Reinforce with all players the need to stay home when ill.  ANY illness should be not be taken lightly and it is best to stay at home and feel 100% before returning to practice/games. 
  3. Promote Healthy Hygiene Practices –
    1. Wash hands before, during and after practices,
    2. Avoid touching face with unwashed hands.
  4. Encourage social distancing through increased spacing, smaller groups and limited team intermixing.
  5. Coaches must keep a daily attendance record, showing at least name and attended or not.
  6. Coaches should track where players sit on a bus or van in order to help determine close proximity if needed.
    1. Masks MUST be worn by all spectators inside the building.
    2. Players who are actively playing do not have to wear a mask.
    3. Players and coaches not actively playing MUST wear a mask.


  1. Normal procedures for fall practice will be followed:
    1. Clearview Rd gate is not open on non game days.
    2. If there are any home contests on any field at the stadium complex, all 3 gates will be open.



Athletes/Coaches who appear to have symptoms or who become sick during the day will be immediately separated from other student athletes/staff and instructed to return home.  If a student/athlete displays symptoms, the Athletic Trainer or Administrator on duty will contact a parent/guardian.  The guidelines for Lancaster Catholic HS will be used for all athletic teams and contests.  Please refer to the Lancaster Catholic HS plan for how cases will be handled.



 Due to Covid issues, we are struggling to get coverage for many of our away contests.  We have reached out to all bus companies and are continuing to try to find transportation, but we do not expect to have much success. Due to this we will have to make some changes to either the schedule and/or our policy:

1 - we may have to cancel JV or JH contests, move them to home or to another day.

2 - We will have to change policy and allow driving by students and/or parents to and from away contests.


We are working to make these decisions now, but PLEASE expect changes to practice & game schedules.  With some bus companies giving us week to week notification, we have little choice.