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The Lancaster Catholic Fund

The Lancaster Catholic Fund:  Why Give?

“To teach is to touch eternity.” ~ Henry Brooks Adams

This quote aptly underscores the positive impact every donation to The Lancaster Catholic Fund has on our students. 

The Lancaster Catholic Fund is the backbone of the annual fund campaign which provides vital support for the school’s operating budget each year.  With each contribution to the Lancaster Catholic Fund, the next generation of cross-bearers, critical thinkers, community leaders and global citizens is empowered by you: parents, alumni, family and friends.

Since 1928, Lancaster Catholic High School (LCHS) has been a beacon for a superior education which is rooted in faith, tradition and excellence; the faculty and staff work ceaselessly to provide an education incomparable to any other by integrating the foundations of our Catholic faith with the highest standards of academic achievement. Four years at LCHS is much more than the classroom experience, it is a preparation for each student to better serve our community through the lens of Catholic identity by sharing the talents that they have been blessed with.

Parents: Participation is key!  Your sons and daughters are the beneficiaries of every gift to the Lancaster Catholic Fund.  From computers to catcher’s mitts, the Lancaster Catholic Fund ensures a margin of excellence in everything we offer our students every year. 100% participation by our parents is our goal, which sends a powerful message to potential benefactors that Catholic High is a great investment! Experiencing Lancaster Catholic in the moment, you are witness to the transformation of our students right before
your very eyes.

Alumni: As  a  proud  Catholic  High  graduate,  you  know  better  than anyone the value of the education you received;  your experience bears  witness to the impact of our 90 year old mission and ministry at 650 Juliette Avenue! As others have before you, help us prepare this next generation of Crusaders for a faith-filled life beyond these hallowed halls.

Parents of Alumni: Your support and personal witness  to your child’s journey is of great importance to The Lancaster Catholic Fund. Witnessing first-hand the return on that investment, you’ve watched them lead faith-filled, successful and fulfilling lives.

Family and Friends: Here too, The Lancaster Catholic Fund benefits from your contributions of time, talent, and treasure by supporting our students who live the meaning of family and community.

Each of you are investing in the education of over 50% of our students who rely on financial support for tuition assistance to be able to attend Lancaster Catholic.

By choosing to give to Lancaster Catholic, you become a crucial member in the future of our students by providing support to maintain a diverse and innovative educational environment, and keep the doors inviting and affordable for any family who would like the choice of a Catholic education. 

Your investment is the foundation for our students to have access to state-of-the-art learning environments, the highest-quality teachers, and all the tools and support we can provide to prepare them for entry into the best colleges and universities, and for life in a globally diverse and challenging workforce.

There will be many opportunities to support The Lancaster Catholic Fund in the coming year.  Join us as we live fully: Guided by our core values, the mission of Lancaster Catholic High School is to develop students who are intellectually astute, passionately faithful and socially responsible through a rigorous and balanced educational experience.

Welcome to the Lancaster Catholic Fund!

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Why is the Lancaster Catholic Fund Necessary? 
The Lancaster Catholic Fund provides the basic needs for LCHS to operate. 
  • Maintenance of the facilities 
  • High qualified faculty and staff 
  • State of the art technology 
Why Should I Give?
  • Every dollar benefits the students that attend LCHS
  • Your gift is tax deductible
  • You will be recognized in the Annual Report 
  • You are making a difference in the lives of future generations of students