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The Lancaster Catholic Fund

The Lancaster Catholic Fund:  Why Give?

“I am where I am today because of my Catholic education.” Marilyn Berger ‘50

While there may be alternatives to Catholic education, there is no substitute for the educational experience provided at Catholic High.  Marilyn Berger is just one of the success stories among Catholic's 10,000 plus alumni. Your generosity and sustained giving to The Lancaster Catholic Fund secures our mission to form students who are intellectually astute, passionately faithful and socially responsible.

What is The Lancaster Catholic Fund?

 The Lancaster Catholic Fund is made up of annual gifts from alumni, parents and grandparents, parents of alumni, board members, faculty & staff, and friends of Catholic High.  Together these unrestricted gifts are added to the general fund of the school's budget to be used for:

  • Meeting current operating expenses
  • Faculty enrichment and professional development programs
  • Improving technology and classroom resources
  • Enhancing the programs and services offered to the students, and
  • Providing assistance to those who choose an education at the only Catholic High School in Lancaster County

Traditionally, strong institutions have strong annual funds.  Diocesan high schools should be no different.  An annual fund gift is a tangible vote of confidences in the program offered by Lancaster Catholic High School.

Why is The Lancaster Catholic Fund Necessary:

The Lancaster Catholic Fund is home to the unrestricted fund which largely supports our overall programs, faculty, staff, administrative, and building operations.  The gap between tuition and fees and the actual cost of educating our students is closed through constant fundraising efforts and sustained giving from generous donors such as you! The challenge is this: tuition and auxiliary income covers only 60% of naturally occurring annual operating expenses. 

The Lancaster Catholic Fund and the School Budget

 The Annual Fund is just one part of the anticipated revenue for the school budget.  The goal for the 2018-2019 fiscal year is $647,000 which accounts for just one portion of the amount needed to close the remaining 40% gap of annual operating expenses.

How is The Lancaster Catholic Fund Run?

 The Advancement team along with the assistance of parents, alumni, friends, and volunteers, along with the Advancement Committee coordinate the internal fundraising efforts such as One Day of Crusader Giving, Phonathon, the Purple & Gold Gala, and other events, to meet the additional expense of the annual budget.  Simply put, The Lancaster Catholic Fund needs your help to bridge the 40% gap between tuition and operating costs.


Run on a fiscal year basis (July 1 to June 30 of any given year), the formal solicitation of gifts begins in September and concludes with any gift received through June 30 of the same fiscal year.  For additional information, please visit the Crusader Giftionary to learn more about giving programs, events, and The Lancaster Catholic Fund.

Last But Not Least:  Why are Volunteers Important to The Lancaster Catholic Fund?

 The lifeblood of any school is its volunteers!  Volunteer leaders serve to support different components of The Lancaster Catholic Fund with various responsibilities.  Volunteers are extremely important because they are able to contact our different constituencies on a peer-to-peer basis.  Individuals and families are more likely to volunteer when approached by someone with whom they have a shared experience.  What greater shared experience can there be than the journey shared by your children's education? Click here to become a valued volunteer!

Thank You!

 We could not be successful without your support.  Thank you for all you do for Catholic education at Lancaster Catholic High School!

Welcome to the Lancaster Catholic Fund!

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Why is the Lancaster Catholic Fund Necessary? 
The Lancaster Catholic Fund provides the basic needs for LCHS to operate. 
  • Maintenance of the facilities 
  • High qualified faculty and staff 
  • State of the art technology 
Why Should I Give?
  • Every dollar benefits the students that attend LCHS
  • Your gift is tax deductible
  • You will be recognized in the Annual Report 
  • You are making a difference in the lives of future generations of students