Merit Scholarships

We strive to make a Lancaster Catholic education affordable for those committed to our mission, regardless of financial ability. Families may apply for the need-based scholarships each year by completing and submitting the FACTS application. Priority is given to Catholic families who are active in their parish.

Merit Scholarships
Recognizing excellence in our young people, we are pleased to provide the following scholarship opportunities for freshmen who excel in the following areas:

- Top 5 applicants with the best overall academic achievement levels as indicated by their cumulative grades and standardized test scores will automatically be considered for a scholarship.

- Excellence in Education Awards (Merit-based application and corresponding essay must be completed.)
  • Excellence in Mathematics
  • Excellence in Science
  • Excellence in English
  • Excellence in History
  • Excellence in Religion
  • Excellence in Technology
-The Fine & Performing Arts (Merit-based application and corresponding essay must be completed.)
  • Excellence in Music
  • Excellence in Art
  • Excellence in Theatre
- Faith & Service (Merit-based application and corresponding essay must be completed.)
  • Commitment to Community Service
  • Commitment to Catholic Faith and Life
Students who wish to apply for a merit scholarship should complete an Application Cover Sheet, which can be found within the admissions online portal, and upload a typed, double-spaced 250-word essay describing how you have demonstrated excellence in the category for which you are applying.

Applicants are also strongly encouraged to obtain a letter of recommendation reflecting “excellence” in their selected area. 
Completed essays, letters of recommendation, and an Application Cover Sheet should be emailed to by March 1, 2020.  Should a recommendation need to be mailed, please send it to LCHS Office of Advancement, Attn: Kyla Hockley, 650 Juliette Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601.