Prom 2021


Ticket Sales 

Tickets will be available to purchase beginning on Tuesday, April 6th to Friday, April 16th for $50. If you forget to purchase your Prom ticket during that timeframe, last chance tickets will be available from Monday, April 19th to Friday, April 23rd for $60.
There are two options on how to purchase Prom tickets. 
  • The first option, an online form with payment through a credit/debit card. 
  • The second option, you can bring in cash or a check (addressed to LCHS) to Miss Cybulski in Campus Ministry or Mrs. Svetecz in Advancement.

Additional Details

Dress code will be strictly enforced. All attendees out of dress code will be asked to change into appropriate attire that adheres to Lancaster Catholic's dance dress code (Student Handbook page 36 and 37).

Dance Attire

Ladies are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for the occasion, and reflective of the modesty
expected of Christian women. Specific expectations are listed below:
  • No exposed tattoos
  • No appearance of exposed flesh (nude or mesh material) in inappropriate areas
  • No plunging necklines or overexposed backs (below natural waistline)
  • Length of dress MUST meet the fingertips
  • No excessive cleavage
  • No bare mid-drifts (no two-piece dresses)
Gentlemen are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for the occasion. Expectations are listed below:
  • No earrings
  • Must be clean shaven
  • No exposed tattoos
If you are questioning anything in the dress code, please speak with Mrs. Howe, Ms. Cybulski or Mrs. Svetecz.