Flexible Instruction Day

When the Flexible Instruction Day is announced “A” or “B” day will be designated.

  • If snow is predicted for the next day, teachers will have an assignment posted by 3:30 PM before leaving the building. Teachers will be notified earlier in the day to prepare a lesson.
  • If an unexpected weather event causes the cancellation of school, all assignments will be posted by 10:00 AM.
  • When a weather-related Flexible Instruction Day is called, an alert will be posted on the school website and included in the recorded phone message informing families of the cancellation. Guidelines on weather-related Flexible Instruction Days will be included in the weekly Crusader Connection periodically beginning mid-November to parents and students so they are informed prior to the 1st “snow” day.   
  • Lessons and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. 
  • Expectations are to be provided as to how the students are to complete and turn in the assignment(s). 
  • Assignment(s) are to be turned in electronically by the students no later than 8:00 PM that day. Turn-in options include electronically on Google Classroom, Google Docs, Rediker, or Turn-it In.
  • The entire lesson and accompanying assignments should take a minimum of 35 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes.   
  • Teachers will notify students of their availability to answer questions via email. Teacher availability will not exceed a 2-hour block.
  • Teachers will take class “attendance” based on the submission of work. This attendance will be forwarded to the Attendance Officer.
  • If a student is legitimately sick on a Flexible Learning Day, parents will be expected to follow normal procedures for reporting illness; an excuse card for the Flexible Learning Day must be submitted by the student upon returning to school. Students will be expected to make-up the assignment per the teacher’s make-up policy.
  • Students who have reported no home internet connection may opt to use a smartphone to complete assignments. If this alternative is not an option, all assignments are to be submitted by 3:00 PM the 2nd school day after the return to school.
  • If there is a loss of power due to the weather, this will be taken into consideration for both students and teachers. This will be monitored and adjusted upon return to school.
Updated Dec. 15, 2020