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Think! Energy Innovation Challenge

The contest challenged the students to communicate innovative ideas about increasing energy or water efficiency.

Freshman Science Teacher and Department Chair, Mrs. Anne Bleistine, discussed the home energy process in her physical science class and helped students determine areas where energy and/or water efficiency could be improved.

In small teams the students were asked to create and communicate the idea of energy and water efficiency to others through artwork, a science project, essays, literature, photography, music, a service project, video, website project or any other work of innovation.

The entries were judged on theme, originality/ creativity and impact. Two teams from Lancaster Catholic High School have been ranked within the top 3 entries to the contest and have been awarded solar backpacks. There was 95 entries in this year's competition. 

The winning teams from Lancaster Cathoic are Allison Francis and Madeline Zukus with their Light bulb Board Game of Energy Questions and Lauren Brommer and Emma Hornick with their creation of a coloring book titled " Walter's Guide to Saving Water". 

The Light bulb Board Game of Energy Questions and the coloring book titled " Walter's Guide to Saving Water" were on display and played when shadow students toured Lancaster Catholic High School. 

"The games of Monopoly and Life inspired the concept of creating a board game," said Allison Francis and Madeline Zukus." "We wanted to make a game where you could win and lose money and that we wanted to design a game where you would not read something one time and forget." 

While the Light Bulb energy game is targeted to an older audience, the "Walter's Guide to Saving Water" is focused on a younger generation. 

"We wanted to send a message to the little kids that this is something that they can help with," said Lauren Brommer and Emma Hornick.  

All of the illustrations in the coloring book were designed by Ms. Hornick. 

Maureen Fenerty, Corporate Communications Manager at PPL, explained that saving water and energy is one of the hardest messages to communicate to the public and expressed that the entries were creative.