The Lavelle League

Lancaster Catholic's Sustaining Investors Circle


What is The Lavelle League? 

The Lavelle League, formally known as LC12, is Lancaster Catholic's Sustaining Investors Circle. Investors in Lancaster Catholic have the flexibility to donate monthly, automatically.  

How Does The Lavelle League Work? 

 By completing a simple form, you will be able to select a dollar amount that best suits your budget to be automatically charged to your credit card or directly pulled from your checking/saving bank account via ACH on a monthly basis.

Click here to join The Lavelle League. 

Who is Father Lavelle and Why Should I join His Circle?

Father Lavelle is famous for saying, “Jesus is alive and well at Lancaster Catholic High School!” He humbly encourages each and every one of us to follow in his footsteps and actively participate in solidifying the bright future of our students and our school’s mission. The Lancaster Catholic Fund makes up the backbone of all philanthropic giving to Lancaster Catholic High School that provides the critical funds to ensure our mission shines brightly for our entire world. There is no better person to honor by naming LCHS’ monthly sustaining investors program than Father Ed Lavelle!

Ordained a Priest in Rome on December 18th,1963, Father Lavelle first joined the Lancaster Catholic High School family in the Fall of 1968. Over the next eleven years, he joyfully and expertly fulfilled many roles at LCHS, including Theology Teacher, Chaplain, Assistant-to-the-Principal, and Principal. Father Lavelle estimates that he has had the privilege of serving as the celebrant of more than sixty marriages of LCHS Alumni and deepening the friendships of hundreds more of LCHS Alumni who continue to look up to him.

After his official retirement in 2013, Father Lavelle has volunteered and invested all his spare time in the students of Lancaster Catholic High School. He co-celebrates Masses with our school Chaplain, hears Confessions, and participates in retreats with both our students and faculty/staff. Father continues to mentor our students and faculty/staff speaking to our entire school community in Berger Gymnasium and individually in his office located within the Theology Department wing. Come to any LCHS Athletic or Fine & Performing Arts event and you will see Father Lavelle proudly cheering on his students as he flies the purple and gold colors. He is the one person that multiple past generations of Crusaders as well as current Crusaders point to as helping positively shape their lives.

According to Father Lavelle, two words that best describe Lancaster Catholic High School are “Love” and “Joy”, which he explains is exemplified by all of our students and faculty/staff. He thanks God every day to be able to continue ministering as a priest in his 80’s to our current young people. “The biggest opportunity for growth within the Catholic Church will come from our Catholic Schools! I see what our students and teachers at LCHS accomplish each day together and it is awe-inspiring and powerful. Our teachers and coaches love their students…really love them…and our students in-turn love their teachers and coaches. And LCHS has some of the very best teachers I have ever had the privilege to be around. One of the many characteristics that makes Lancaster Catholic High School so special is our unwavering acceptance and affection for everyone and anyone."

As a Lavelle League Member, Your Gifts Truly Matter!

$15 per month goes towards...
Securing textbooks, exams, and teaching materials for each student. It also can provide a clean, safe environment for our students, teachers, alumni, benefactors, and visitors. 

$25 per month goes towards...
Supplying classrooms with the latest tools and teachers with ongoing professional development opportunities. It also allows us to equip our student-athletes and coaches with all of the necessary sporting equipment. 
$50 per month goes towards...
Provides need-based tuition assistance to our Lancaster Catholic High School families. It also provides student artists and musicians the materials they need to become great at their craft including paints, canvases, brushes, sheet music, instruments, and technology devices. 
$75 per month goes towards...
Keeping the schools' lights on and doors open each day for our students. It also enables our students to deepen their faith in over 15 annual retreats, such as Kairos. 
$100 per month goes towards...
Enables every LCHS Crusader the ability to use state-of-the-art digital learning resources such as the 3-D Printer, interactive science devices, and allows the students to further their research by allowing them to access digital libraries from around the world. 
$125 per month goes towards...
Ensures that each student that attends Lancaster Catholic High School is equipped with a Chromebook and that each classroom is supplied with remote learning devices, such as a SMART Board, microphone, and computer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does my money go?
    • 100% of your contributions go toward the LC Fund, which underwrites everything that we do at LCHS.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    • Credit Card
    • Automatic Funds Transfer (Bank Account Number)
    • Check
  • When will I be charged?
    • Your credit card or bank account will be automatically charged each month on the date in which your Lavelle League commitment form is received. If you have a preferred date, simply let us know and we will happily set your monthly contribution to be fulfilled on that exact date
  • Can I change my donation amount?
    • Yes, you may increase or decrease your monthly contribution amount any time you desire by calling the Office of Advancement at 717-509-0313.
  • Can I cancel?
    • Yes, you may cancel your monthly contribution at any time by calling the Office of Advancement at 717-509-0313.
  • Will I need to renew my membership each year?
    • No. However, you will receive an annual phone call to confirm your renewal into The Lavelle League for another year as well as the amount of your monthly contribution.
  •  Are my monthly gifts tax-deductible?
    • Yes, all your generous contributions to LCHS through The Lavelle League are tax-deductible to the fullest extent provided by law. You will receive a monthly email notification confirming your credit card/bank account was charged for your selected amount. In January, you will be mailed your “Total Yearly Contributions to LCHS” statement on LCHS Letterhead for tax and accounting purposes.