Crusader Craziness Challenge

Weekly Results
$16,018 raised
Top Percentage Given:                                                                                                              
1st Alumni Class: 2002
2nd Alumni Class 1993
3rd  Parents of  Alumni Class 2023
4th Alumni Class 1990
4 %
5th Alumni Class 1953
Top Funds Raised:
1st Alumni Class 1976
2nd Alumni Class 2007
3rd Alumni Class 1960
4th Alumni Class 1979
5th Alumni Class 1993

Since 1929, Lancaster Catholic continues to forge champions…students who excel academically in the classroom, performing in the marching band and competing on the athletic field…and alumni who proudly serve in the military, are faithful members of their churches, are brilliant entrepreneurs, are compassionate business leaders and are dedicated family members. Very little is “average” about the Lancaster Catholic alumni community. 


One area in which our Lancaster Catholic alumni community falls short of the national average is in generously providing philanthropic support of our alma mater through the LC Annual Fund. To date, only 8% of Lancaster Catholic alumni have made an LC Annual Fund donation this 2022-23 fiscal year. The national average of Catholic high school alumni who donate to their alma mater’s annual fund is 16% (according to the National Catholic Education Association).


As an alum, YOU have the opportunity to do something about this…RIGHT NOW!


On Wednesday, March 1st, Lancaster Catholic High School’s 1st Annual Crusader Craziness tips-off! This 4-week, friendly class competition is a participation challenge with lots of prizes to be won as we raise critical financial support for the Lancaster Catholic Annual Fund so that all of our young people can continue thriving as students at LCHS as well as when they become Lancaster Catholic alumni.


Thank you & Go Crusaders!

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