Inspire Future Crusaders

To inspire our students to live out our mission, the walls of the new Catholic Student Life Center will be filled with quotes from a host of heroes of our faith. Every student every day will be challenged by examples of real people who succeeded in answering the universal call to holiness. We invite you to join us in celebrating the core of our mission in the new heart of our School by sponsoring quotes from so many whose lives demonstrate that it is possible, in every walk of life, to live Gospel values.

By sponsoring these inspirational messages that will be seen by thousands, you have the opportunity to leave a permanent legacy and recognize and honor loved ones, both present, and past. 
  • Sponsoring Catholic Life Quotes is a great way to leave a permanent mark on future generations of Lancaster Catholic students.
  • The engraved sponsor recognition section on every quote becomes a permanent testament to the investment you are making in our students by supporting our campaign.
  • You can engrave the quotes with your own names or the names of the members of your family.
  • Inscribing quotes in the names of your children and/or grandchildren is a great way to lay the groundwork for younger generations of your family to become part of the proud tradition of Lancaster Catholic.

Choose your quote for the Wall of Inspiration today and show your Crusader pride!

Please fill out the form below or contact the Lancaster Catholic Advancement Office at 717-509-0313 if you'd like to participate in the Wall of Inspiration

Option 1: $3,000

Includes Image of Author, Selected Quote & Family Name

Option 2: $1,500

Includes Selected Quote & Family Name

Option 3: $500

Includes Multiple Family Names Sponsoring a Selected Quote


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question: If I already made a donation to the CLH/LC Fund, can I qualify for a quote?
    Answer: Your previous donation will count as a credit towards the next highest quote level. For example, if you’ve already given $1,500, you can get a $3,000 level quote for an additional $1,500. Or, if you’ve given $500, you can donate an additional $1,000 to get a $1,500 level quote.

  • Question: What will the quote look like and where will it be placed?
    Answer: The Inspirational quote wall will be located in our new student commons area. The final design and location will be determined at a later date. The $3,000 option will be the largest of the quotes. Construction is slated to begin in 2022.

  • Question: If I want to make a three-year pledge, how will I make subsequent payments?
    Answer: The Advancement Office will send out a yearly letter with your payment reminder and the balance owed.

  • Question: How do I select my quote?
    Answer: After purchasing your quote through one of the links above, you will be directed to complete an online form where you will be able to select your quote.