Course Catalog

LCHS strives to provide a comprehensive, rigorous academic course of study to prepare young people for their future endeavors in college, the work place, trade school or the military. We constantly review our programs to ensure that they are staying true to the traditions of a classic, liberal arts, Catholic education, while still maintaining the flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of our population in an ever-changing society.

A Catholic High education is intended to challenge our students intellectually while, at the same time, providing to them a framework for living. While seeking answers to who, what and where, we lead students to the deeper question of why. We are ever cognizant that the mystery, the beauty, the opportunity and the history of our civilization and our world are meaningless if separated from the acknowledgement that they each illuminate the workings of an All-powerful and loving God, who seeks to know His creation intimately. Life, with meaning. Exploration, with context. Excellence, with gratitude.