International Students


Welcome to Lancaster Catholic High School! As the International Student Coordinator, I, Tom Blaszczyk, will work with you and our school counselor to help you achieve academic success. In addition to teaching two classes and tutoring one-on-one with individuals and small groups, I facilitate the Global Group Club, assist with college essay writing, process I-20s, and work with agencies and host parents.


Lancaster Catholic has been fortunate to welcome and share culture with students from many countries across the globe. Over the last decade, we have experienced an ever-increasing desire of students to join our community, which has led us to further develop our International Program. International students who have been most successful in our school are interested in becoming full, active participants in our community—both academically and socially.
Active Agencies
  • 25 Advanced Placement (AP) classes offered
  • 24 college credits can be earned at LCHS
  • 13:1 student-teacher ratio, 550 students enrolled from grades 9-12
  • Within driving distance to NYC, DC and Philadelphia and access to a local train station
Lancaster Catholic High School's Campus is equipped with:
  • Media Center
  • 2 Computer Labs complete with 3D printers
  • Broadcast Room
  • State-of-the-Art Athletic Complex
  • Fine & Performing Arts Auditorium
Lancaster Catholic Community 
  • 31 Clubs and Organizations
  • 24 Athletic Teams
  • 20+ Fine and Performing Art activities (Plays, Musicals, Choirs)
  • 18,413+ hours of community service performed in 2017-18
  • 25 Advanced Placement (AP) classes offered
  • 24 college credits can be earned at LCHS through duel enrollment programs
  • 100% College Acceptance Rate
  • 77% of Students with a 3.0 GPA or Higher
  • 13:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

Top 10% SAT Scores

  • 1495 Overall Average
  • 700 Math Average
  • 580 Reading Average
ACT Scores (LCHS is above National Average)
  • 25.1 Overall Average
  • 25.7 English Average
  • 23.8 Math Average
  • 26.3 Reading Average
  • 24.7 Science Average
  • 110 + colleges and universities visit LCHS to meet with students
  • 100% of international students are accepted to college/university
  • Over $30 million of merit-based scholarships have been given to graduating seniors since 2016
  • Lancaster Catholic has had 43 National Merit students
Lancaster Catholic International Grads have attended: 
  • Yale University
  • Bucknell University
  • Cornell University
  • New York University (NYU)
  • Purdue University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • Duke University
  • George Washington University
  • Lancaster Catholic is located in a quiet neighborhood of Lancaster, PA
  • Lancaster is within 3 hours of four major USA cities
  • Lancaster Catholic is minutes away from the local train station
  • 519,445
Major Towns
  • Lancaster City
  • Lititz
  • Manheim
  • Ephrata
  • 40 Minutes from Harrisburg International 
  • 1.5 Hours from Baltimore/Washington International
  • 1.5 Hours from Philadelphia International 
Rail Stations 
  • Amtrak Station in Lancaster City 
Major Attractions 
  • Amish Country 
  • Outlet Shopping 
  • HersheyPark 
  • Strasburg Railroad 
Fun Facts 
  • Lancaster, America’s oldest inland city, was the nation’s capital when the Continental Congress met downtown for one day in 1777.
  • Dating to 1731, the Lancaster Central Market is the nation’s oldest continuously operating farmers’ market.
  • Some escaping slaves followed the Underground Railroad through parts of Lancaster County, including Columbia, Peach Bottom and the Octoraro Creek.
  • Heading toward Harrisburg in June 1863, Confederate forces were slowed when the Pennsylvania Militia burned the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge.
  • The Conestoga wagons that carried pioneers westward were named after heavy, broad-wheeled wagons first manufactured in Conestoga.
  • Lancaster County’s 29 covered bridges are popular sites for bicyclists and driving tours.
  • Lancaster County Conservancy’s Boyer Nature Preserve was once home to one of the largest Native American settlements east of the Mississippi.
  • Lancaster County’s Amish residents, with roots dating to the early 18th century, have doubled in number since 1990.
  • Pretzels are still made at the Sturgis Pretzel House, Lititz, where America’s first pretzel bakery was established in 1861.
For More Information, Please Contact:

Tom Blaszczyk
International Student Coordinator & Social Studies Teacher
Lancaster Catholic High School
650 Juliette Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601
717.509.0315 ext. 114
Rosamarie Grasa
College Counselor 
Lancaster Catholic High School 
650 Juliette Avenue 
Lancaster, PA 17601
Lancaster Catholic recognizes that there are numerous adjustments that must be made for a student who is entering the academic and social situations that are often quite different than those in their native countries. In order to better facilitate this integration, we require that all new International students participate in the International Bridge class and Bridge English.
  • International Bridge class: This class focuses on acclimation to the US and to LCHS utilizing grammar, pronunciation, and research skills. Students will also be introduced to Catholic Christian beliefs.
  • English class: This class focuses on reading, writing, and understanding of literature.
International students interested in applying to Lancaster Catholic High School should submit all documentation through their agency. The following information is required:
  • Lancaster Catholic High School Application for Admission
  • Passport
  • Transcripts from other schools attended, from home country of origin and/or study abroad
  • Agency-specific documentation
  • English language proficiency tests:
    • Students who are not from English-speaking countries are expected to submit scores from an English proficiency test (TOEFL, TOEFL Jr, SLATE or IELTS) with their application. The test needs to be taken within six months of applying for admission.
  • TOEFL (recommended for 11th and 12th grade applicants)
    • 9th-11th grades: 65
    • 12th grade: 75+
  • TOEFL Jr (recommended for 9th and 10th grade applicants)
    • 9th grade: 700
    • 10th grade: 750
    • 9th grade: 3.5+
    • 10th grade: 4.0+
    • 11th grade: 4.5+
    • 12th grade: 5.0+
    • 5.5+
After receiving all the required information, LCHS will evaluate the applicant. A Skype interview will be the final step for students who are being considered for admission (as needed).

Acceptance to LCHS

If your application is approved, we will issue an I-20 form and send an acceptance package to your agency.
Submit the following before or when you arrive at LCHS:
  • Health form (completed by physician)
  • PIAA form (only for students who want to participate in sports)
  • International student contract (signed by natural parents and student)
  • Student device consent form (signed by natural parents and students)
  • Catholic school parents memorandum of understanding (signed by natural parents and students)
Tuition for our International students for the 2019-20 school year is $14,750, which covers the full cost of education. This payment is arranged through the agency, not the school directly. There is also a registration fee of $200 for new international students, a $200 technology fee, and a $325 processing fee for first-year international students.
Please be advised that all international students who study at Lancaster Catholic High School must establish and maintain suitable medical insurance coverage and be prepared to provide proof of coverage at any time. Issues regarding medical coverage must be handled by the student’s parents or agency. Lack of insurance may be grounds for dismissal from Lancaster Catholic High School.