Mission & Belief Statement

Mission & Belief Statement

Mission Statement 
Centered on Jesus Christ, in the Roman Catholic tradition, our mission is to form students who are intellectually astute, passionately faithful and socially responsible.

Belief Statement

We, the Lancaster Catholic High School community, affirm the following:

  • Jesus Christ is the center of all we are and all we do.
  • We are faithful to the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Each person is a unique creation of an all-loving God.
  • God calls everyone to a life of holiness and faithful stewardship.
  • Our vocation is to assist each other in this life, through cooperation with God’s grace, so as to reside with Him eternally.
  • A safe, stable environment is essential to learning.
  • A rigorous educational experience coupled with a balanced co-curricular program is essential for student development.
  • Each person has a moral and civic responsibility to contribute to society.
  • Members of the faculty and staff are motivated lifelong learners who strive to model Catholic values.
  • Students, guided by constructive counsel and discipline, are accountable in the educational process and are responsible for their actions. 
  • The school should be financially accessible and available to all who embrace and live our mission.
  • Families have the first responsibility for the faith-based education of their children and are partners in the fulfillment of our mission.
Profile of a Lancaster Catholic High School Graduate
A Lancaster Catholic graduate will embody:

Christ, our Center and our Lord
Academics, Athletics, and the Arts
Truth which we seek in Love
Health of Body, Mind, and Spirit
Opportunities to serve others
Life, Protected and Cherished as God’s Gift
Individual giftedness
Curiosity and Creativity to explore God’s creation 

Good Citizenship

Adopted by LCHS School Board, January 2019

SCHOOL PATRON: The Blessed Mother under the title of “The Lady of Grace”
SCHOOL MOTTO: A wise heart seeks knowledge.