Common Questions

Do you have questions about the enrollment process? Busing? What an average day looks like? We are here to help answer those questions and more!
If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact Angela Baumler in Admissions at [email protected]

Lancaster Catholic High School serves students in grades 9 through 12 and has an enrollment of over 500 students, with individual grades ranging in enrollment from 120-145 students. 
Classes average 20 students per classroom with a student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1. 
Lancaster Catholic is incredibly blessed to be able to offer financial aid to over 54% of our families.
Families who are interested in financial aid please complete the online Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) application, which then allows us to begin the process of awarding financial aid. We know that each family has its own unique situation and we want to be of assistance, we also encourage families to contact our Business Office directly so that we are best able to understand what is possible for your family and what limitations you face.
The Business Office can be reached directly at 717-509-0307.
We strive to make a Catholic High education affordable for everyone. The full tuition for Catholic students registered in our local parishes is $9,947 for the 2022-2023 school year. 
A family’s financial situation, however, can make them eligible for financial aid in varying amounts. In addition, over $1 million is provided annually through the generosity of the parishioners in our Lancaster County Catholic parishes to support LCHS. There is a separate tuition amount for students who are not registered in a Catholic parish. The full tuition for non-Catholic families is $10,947.
Year after year, we have been able to offer an LCHS education at a tuition amount that is less than the actual cost to educate. Due to the overwhelming generosity of our parishes and the LCHS community, we are able to offer financial aid to qualifying families.
We are aware that there are people who cannot afford to attend LCHS on their own and need assistance. Need-based Financial Aid is available for qualifying families who complete the STS financial aid application. The application can be found here.
Eligibility is determined by completing the online STS financial aid application. STS is a third-party vendor that specializes in student aid analysis using the federal methodology. Household income and the number of children in tuition schools are the largest factors, but there are also other factors used to determine eligibility.
Lancaster Catholic uses the services of STS to assist in determining the financial aid amount for each family. After examining each family situation, a decision is made on eligibility for financial aid. Priority will be given to Catholic families who are registered in their parish and actively participate in parish life.
Completing the application is the only way to determine if your family qualifies for financial aid. In order to get a general idea of your eligibility, please see the guidelines here.
Simple Tuition Solution applications are accessible through our website by clicking here.
In order to complete the application, you will need a complete copy of your 2020 IRS Form 1040 and 2020 W-2's. You do not need to wait until your 2021 Tax Return is complete. There is a $25 processing fee to complete the application for 2022-2023.
In addition, you may include ALL of your students on one application, even if they attend other schools in the Diocese of Harrisburg.
If you need assistance or have questions about the application the support staff at STS is available to answer your questions. You can email them at [email protected] or call 717.599.7611 option 1.
There are eleven Merit Scholarships and several donor-sponsored scholarships for incoming freshmen students. Students may apply for merit or donor-sponsored scholarships in the online application portal. 
Click here for more information.
Students attending Lancaster Catholic and residing within Lancaster County have access to busing. Students in Ephrata, Columbia, and Elizabethtown are able to use a bus from the local parishes. All other school districts bus students directly to Lancaster Catholic.
Click here to learn more about transportation to Lancaster Catholic HIgh School. 
Students must be seated in homeroom by 8:00 AM and our school day concludes at 2:57 PM. During the course of the day, students will have four core class periods in addition to lunch and a Crusader Period. Click here for more information about the class schedule format. 
Lancaster Catholic is pleased to offer courses that prepare our students for the next step in their life, whatever that might be. With 95% of our graduates pursuing higher education, our classes rigorously prepare students in the areas of critical reading, writing, and thinking skills across all disciplines. In addition to the core subjects, we are pleased to offer many liberal arts electives that provide foundational skills for all future endeavors. Students have access to 11 AP courses and 7 courses that can be taken for credit through HACC and Millersville University.

Students who may have gaps in their learning may take advantage of our Foundations courses which help students to increase their foundational skills in specific content areas. Instructional Support is available to any student with a documented learning challenge.

Recognizing that each student is unique, our overall academic goal is to move students to their greatest skill level in preparation for life beyond Lancaster Catholic. The Class of 2022 merited almost $11.5 million in scholarships for their work done at Lancaster Catholic High School.
Students arrive at 8 AM and meet with the Admissions Counselor for a brief overview of the day. The students are then matched with their host and spend the day attending classes. Guests are encouraged to participate in classes (asking questions, answering questions, etc) to the extent that they feel comfortable. A lunch pass is provided. Shortly before dismissal, guests will report back to the Admissions Counselor for a wrap-up conversation and so that any remaining questions can be answered.

Guests who have a specific host in mind may make that request; if there is no specific request, students are matched based on grade, academic interests, and extracurricular interests. All guests are asked to wear “church appropriate” attire – avoiding jeans, sneakers, and leggings as much as possible.
Lancaster Catholic is open to students of any religious background who support our Mission.
Roughly 20% of Lancaster Catholic’s student body is not Catholic and their various backgrounds bring a diversity of perspectives that are welcome in our community. Non-Catholic students are encouraged to participate in prayer and liturgy to the extent that they feel comfortable, though attendance is mandatory.
The Lancaster Catholic community is comprised of students from across Lancaster County and beyond. While about two-thirds of the student body attended a Catholic elementary school in Lancaster County, one-third of our students are coming from public schools, other private schools, and beyond.
A great tradition at Lancaster Catholic is our Orientation process, which serves to acclimate all new students into our community. For students joining us in the fall semester, we offer parent/student sessions in August which allow for parent questions while students are walking through their schedule with a personal guide. All new students then participate in Orientation, the day prior to the opening of classes.
On Orientation Day students will form small groups that are intentionally diverse in terms of student background so that our new community can begin to form. These small groups are under the supervision of two trained Link Leaders who serve as a resource to the students throughout their transition into Lancaster Catholic.

Students who transfer in at a time other than the start of the fall semester will be partnered with a Link Leader who will serve as their tour guide and buddy throughout the transition process.