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Lancaster Catholic High School offers numerous Instrumental Ensembles and Special Performance Groups that give our students the opportunity to enhance their skills in a performance setting.
Below you will find a small description of the ensemble, choir or group that falls in the category of Fine & Performing Arts! 

Brass Ensemble is a small chamber ensemble of brass instruments. Students perform at "Solo and Ensemble Night." Rehearsals occur after school on Wednesdays from 3-4 PM. 

The class is responsible for assembling and producing “The Morning Show” of announcements and school news. The focus of instruction is on writing skills, good grammar, effective communication and understanding how a news story is developed. Students will learn news writing, reporting, editing and anchoring.
Students will have the opportunity to learn all the jobs in a newsroom: how to be a copywriter, script editor, reporter, show producer and anchor. This is a project-oriented course. Assessment will include a students’ willingness to work as a team, on-camera presentation, news production and overall participation, as well as graded terminology tests and samples of news writing. 
To view past episodes of the Morning Show, click here
If you have any questions about Broadcasting, contact Mrs. Catherine Smith at [email protected]
Concert Band

This ensemble is the traditional high school music staple, performing a wide range of music with a variety of textures and styles. Music that the concert band performs runs the gamut of classical through modern and popular concert repertoire. Instrumentation consists of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Concert band meets during Crusader Period and performs two concerts a school year (Christmas and Spring).
Contact Mr. Tony Brill ([email protected])  or Mr. Paul Murr at [email protected] for more information.
Concert Choir

Concert Choir is an audition-only choir consisting of students in grades 9-12. Auditions for new students will take place over the summer.  It is an academic, year-long course worth one full credit. Students will perform at the Christmas, Pops in the Round and Spring Concerts as well as concerts outside of school. 

Contact Mr. Michael Adams at [email protected] for more information.
Chorus is the primary vocal organization at Lancaster Catholic High School. This class involves singing and vocal development of a variety of styles and periods as well as folk and contemporary music. Learning to read music from all the style periods and basic sight-reading skills are developed.
Contact Mr. Michael Adams at [email protected] for more information. 
The Crusader Samba Band or "Cru-Samba” is a band that plays traditional Brazilian Samba music. No percussion or drumming experience is necessary to join this ensemble. Cru-Samba has members that are drummers, wind players, color members and more who all get together to perform Brazilian Samba Music. Cru-Samba doesn't perform regularly but has performed at Crusaders Alive and OLA School's field day as well as the Christmas Concert last year. It is a fun and very easy way to get involved in the music program if you have little to no experience or years of experience.

The Fall Play is a smaller theatre production where LCHS students are tasked with building a set and becoming their characters as they perform on stage. The production is performed at the end of November. 

The Spring Musical is a larger theatre production that combines singing, acting, and dancing. The students are tasked with learning rigorous choreography and memorizing songs as well as lines to prepare for a show during March. 

This group of talented students is responsible for following detailed instructions to build sets and are responsible for keeping the actors in the spotlight. If any issues arise on set, you can be sure that the Stage Crew will solve them.

Guitar Ensemble is a performing ensemble of guitarists that perform at the Christmas, Pops and Spring Concerts as well as school Masses. Rehearsals  occur Monday nights.

Instrumental Lessons
This program will include a weekly private lesson on the student’s primary instrument (band, strings or guitar) and/or voice. Students will be expected to maintain a practice regimen between lessons. Credit will be contingent upon teacher assessments and mandatory participation and performance at the annual Solo & Ensemble Night. Instruction may occur during the school day or after school hours with approved LCHS music instructors. Additional fees may apply.
Complete information is available from the Director of the Fine and Performing Arts Department, Tony Brill, [email protected]
Pre-requisites: Concurrent participation in an LCHS instrumental or choral group and approval of
the Director of the Fine and Performing Arts Department.

International Thespian Society is an honor society for achieved theater arts students who have completed a sufficient quantity and quality of work in theater arts. Thespians plan and fundraise for various theater-related events during the school year. As a troupe of the International Thespian Society, they also attend the annual PA Thespian Festival. 

Jazz Band
This ensemble performs a variety of "pop" music in the Jazz, Latin, Funk, and Rock genres. It is an ensemble consisting of a pre-determined number of performers and specific instrumentation.
A typical "Big Band" jazz ensemble consists of 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones, and a Rhythm section made up of piano, bass, drums/percussion/vibes, and guitar. Membership in the Jazz Band is derived through an audition. Rehearsals occur on Tuesdays after school from 3-4:30 PM.
Contact Mr. Tony Brill ([email protected]) for more details.
Marching Band and Color Guard

Marching Band is the most “public” of our music ensembles. Participants in the marching band perform for thousands of people every weekend during the fall season. In addition to supporting our football team at games, the LCHS marching band is a competitive activity that pushes performers’ musical and physical abilities to the max!
This music in motion ensemble performs music that falls loosely, but not limited to, the symphonic genre. The music presentation provides a film-score like a soundtrack to our visual presentation. Our marching band has achieved both critical and popular acclaim. This activity requires a high level of commitment that is well worth the energy, time, and effort. Students are awarded academic credit for this extra-curricular activity.
Marching Band is open to students in grades 7-12, all 8th-grade students in Catholic elementary schools and 7th-grade siblings of current band members are invited to join us as well as incoming and current high school students.
Color Guard is the visual ensemble that enhances the musical performance of the LCHS marching band. It is a pageantry arts activity that combines elements of dance, drama, choreography, and equipment work (flags, rifles, sabers, and props). Color Guard is an extra-curricular activity.
Marching Band and Color Guard rehearse for 3 days in May, 2 weeks in early June and for the whole month of August. The August schedule for Marching Band is similar to the preseason for a fall sport. During the school year, rehearsals occur Wednesday nights from 6-9.
Please contact Mr. Daniel List ([email protected]) or Mr. Paul Murr ([email protected]) for more information. 
Mass Choir
Mass Choir is open to all students, the Mass Choir sings for school masses. Rehearsals are during the school day on a rotating period basis.
Contact Mr. Michael Adams at [email protected]
Media/Digital Arts
Students will be exposed to the foundations of media/digital arts in 4 areas: • videography • audio engineering • graphics • photography. In each of the areas, students will use pertinent software applications to create videos, audio products, visual projects and photos.
Some of these applications are: Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Garage Band, the Adobe Suite apps and Motion. By the end of the course students will have rudimentary skills and a greater understanding of the media arts industry.
Questions? Contact Chris Ruch at [email protected]

The orchestra for the Spring Musical or the Pit learns professional-level music and accompanies the cast members of the musical. Although the music can be very difficult, the experience is unique and rewarding. 

Percussion Ensemble
This ensemble performs music specifically arranged for these percussion family instruments. The ensemble performs as part of the Christmas and/or Spring Music Department concerts, as well as occasional civic and/or community events.
Membership is determined by the number of interested students, as well as permission from the director of the respective ensemble. Evaluation of students' performance capabilities by the director may be required.

Students perform at the Christmas, Pops and Spring Concerts as well as school assemblies. A couple of years ago, the percussion ensemble traveled to Millerville University to perform with the best percussion ensembles in the area at a unique festival.

Contact Mr. Tony Brill ([email protected]) or Mr. Paul Murr ([email protected]) for more details.

Rock Band is a small ensemble that performs rock and punk music that upholds our Catholic identity. The group consists of the drum set, bass, and electric guitar, keyboard and vocals. Rock Band performs at the Pops and Spring Concerts. Rock Band rehearses during the Crusader Period once a week. 

String Ensemble is a small chamber group that performs classical music at the Spring Concert. String Ensemble rehearses during Crusader Period once a week. 

Tri-M Music Honors Society is a group of musicians who raise money for the music program at Crispus Attucks as well as other service projects throughout the community. The goal of this honors society is to promote music within the school and surrounding community as well as serve others. Students must be involved in a music ensemble for one semester before the may apply to join Tri-M. Meetings occur on Fridays at 7:30 am once a month. 

Vox Pop is an audition-only a cappella group that performs at the Christmas, Pops in the Round and Spring concerts. They perform popular music which features beatboxing as well as soloists. Rehearsals occur during Crusader Period twice a week. 


Woodwind Ensemble is a small chamber ensemble of woodwind instruments. Students perform at the Pops Concert and “Solo and Ensemble Night” in the Spring. Many different types of music are learned and performed, from New Age Rock to Classical and everything in between. Rehearsals occur on Wednesdays after school from 3-4 PM. 

Other Ensembles
Lancaster Mennonite Orchestra Partnership
Pep Band
World Drumming
Our broad and diverse course selection means that you can design a unique arts program that fits your gifts and talents, or you can learn a new skill and broaden your personal portfolio. Whatever direction you pursue, we have the courses, faculty and opportunities you'll need to reach your goals.

Courses Offered

Academic Humanities
Acting Techniques I
Acting Techniques II
AP Art History (on-line)
AP Music Theory
Art I
Art II
Honors Humanities
Independent Music Composition
Instrumental Lessons for Credit
Music History
Music Theory
Vocal Lessons for Credit