Welcome to the home of Lancaster Catholic Crusaders Athletic Department!

Here you will find all the information you will need for the upcoming sports seasons including, important announcements, necessary paperwork, team schedules and other happenings dealing with Crusaders' athletics.

SEASON PASS - Due to the uncertainty of what restrictions will be in place for fall sports, we WILL NOT be selling season tickets at this time.  If we are limited in the amount of fans that can attend any sporting events, then game tickets will be sold to meet the capacity for that game only.  If there are no restrictions, then we will offer season tickets again.
  • Looking for game times and schedules? Click here to visit the Arbiter Sports Calendar this link lists all athletic events with locations and directions.
  • Looking to volunteer? THIS FORM WILL BE UPDATED FOR FALL 2020 CONTESTS: Click hereREMINDER - each family is required to volunteer 10 hours in support of the Athletic office. These hours may be in the concession, ticket sales or other game help areas. Hours that are for individual teams do not count toward these hours.
Sports Contact Information Form - 
The athletic office would like to have a data base of all athletes at the High School and all Partner Schools.  This will allow us to know who is interested in participating in athletic programs run by Lancaster Catholic and will also give us a data base of those participating in any youth sport.  This will allows us to send information directly to families involved regarding upcoming registration, camps or other events.
This information will be passed along to the specific Director for each sport.  You may still have to register for programs that are not run by Lancaster Catholic High School.
Click here to complete your Sports Registration form. This will be used by the Athletic Office for the 2020-21 school year! Only enter sports that your son/daughter will be playing at Lancaster Catholic. REMINDER- All Lancaster Catholic Athletes need to register using this form before the school year or before the sport season.  

  • Elementary and Junior High Athletic Programs - Click here for our information brochure regarding all opportunities for those students attending our Partner Schools in grades 1-8.

Dates to Remember
It is important to remember that tryouts are held during the first 3-5 days of each sport season. Vacations should not be scheduled during these times. 
  •  Start of Fall Practice – Senior High - August 17, 2020
    • Football will start on August 10 with heat acclimatization
    • Junior High sports starts on August 24th.
  • Start of Winter Practice – All levels - November 20, 2020.
  • Start of Spring Practice – All levels - March 8, 2021.
ALL Physicals or Re-cert Forms must be turned in to Athletic Trainer, Beth Newill, AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR to the date listed above for each season.
Sports Physicals:
Click here for the form.
  1. ALL athletes must complete the PIAA Comprehensive Physical prior to attending any practice or competition of all sports sponsored by LCHS or any Co-Op with LCHS.  The Physical form is included in this packet or can be downloaded from the school website.
  2. ALL forms must be returned to Beth Newill BEFORE a student will be allowed to participate in practices or competitions. 
  3. Lancaster Catholic will not offer physicals at school.
Sports Re-certification:
Click here for the form.
  1. If an athlete participates in a second or third sport during the school year, a Recertification Form must be completed.
  2. If an athlete has an injury after the PIAA physical form was completed, a Recertification Form must be completed.
  3. If an athlete did not compete in a prior season and it has been at least 6 weeks since the original physical, a Recertification Form must be completed.
  4. PIAA Re-certification Forms do not need a physician’s signature unless the student sustained an injury during one of the previous sports seasons.
  5. PIAA Re-certification Forms are available in the Athletic Office and on the LCHS website.
  6. These forms must be turned in to Beth Newill BEFORE a student will be allowed to participate in practices or competitions.
All participating schools of the Lancaster-Lebanon League advocate that coaches, players, and spectators treat their guests with equality and respect. The following is a list of guidelines, which each member school will enforce:
  1. The Lancaster Lebanon League encourages spectators to cheer and support their respective teams in a positive manner, but not to cheer negatively against the opponent. Offenders will be escorted from the gym/stadium.
  2. Only cheerleaders are permitted on the sidelines or playing surface for the purpose of leader cheers or promoting school spirit. No fan or spectator is permitted out of the stands for this purpose. Students are not permitted to form spirit lines on the football field as the players enter onto the field before the game.
  3. No sirens, whistles, portable stereos or other noisemakers which interfere with the playing of the game will not be permitted. No hand-held banners or handheld sings of any kind shall be displayed. Such articles will be confiscated by the game manager.
  4. Abusive language, negative gestures, or taunting directed towards players, coaches, officials, or cheerleaders is prohibited.
  5. The throwing of paper or foreign objects onto the playing surface is prohibited.
  6. Only team members in uniform and/or warm-ups, under the coach's supervision, are permitted on the field for warm-ups prior to and at halftime of games.