Athletic Training - Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Program
Coach Anderson is the Director of the Strength and Conditioning Program at Lancaster Catholic.  He is responsible for all uses of the weight room and the equipment in the weight room. This includes any equipment that is part of the Strength and Conditioning Program.  Coach Anderson is available to work with teams and/or individual students to meet specific goals.
- The weight room is reserved for these specific uses(This would include both at the school and at the stadium:
  1) Team training - Time is allotted by Coach Anderson in communication with individual teams Coaches to establish a weight room  schedule.
  2) Individual Training - students may reserve time with Coach Anderson to work on specific fitness needs.  Coach Anderson will set up goals and work with student to reach those goals.
These are the only approved uses of the weight room by students.  Coming to use the weight room during unscheduled times is not accepted.  No outside trainers are allowed to train a student at Lancaster Catholic, using Lancaster Catholic's equipment or property in any way.  No Exceptions to this rule.
ImPACT Testing

All interscholastic athletes and cheerleaders are required to take an ImPACT Test (Immediate Post-Concussive Assessment and Cognitive Testing) to establish a cognitive baseline for concussions. This is an established technology used in order to determine the return to play/activity guidelines for participants who have sustained a concussion.

The test is administered on a computer. The initial baseline is adequate for two years. Therefore, if a student participated on a LCHS team last season and had an ImPACT test, he or she is not required to repeat it this season.

A number of students are due to take the ImPACT test again for renewal. Students needing renewal will be notified and given a form to take home. One new aspect of this program allows students to take the baseline test on a computer at home. The form you will receive is required before you do this.

It is the athlete’s responsibility to be sure an up-to-date baseline report is on file.
Athletes will NOT be permitted to practice until the test is completed.

If you have any questions, contact Athletic Trainer Beth Newill at