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ImPACT Testing

All interscholastic athletes and cheerleaders are required to take an ImPACT Test (Immediate Post-Concussive Assessment and Cognitive Testing) to establish a cognitive baseline for concussions. This is an established technology used in order to determine the return to play/activity guidelines for participants who have sustained a concussion.

The test is administered on a computer. The initial baseline is adequate for two years. Therefore, if a student participated on an LCHS team last season and had an ImPACT test, he or she is not required to repeat it this season.

A number of students are due to take the ImPACT test again for renewal. Students needing renewal will be notified and given a form to take home. One new aspect of this program allows students to take the baseline test on a computer at home. The form you will receive is required before you do this.

It is the athlete’s responsibility to be sure an up-to-date baseline report is on file. Athletes will NOT be permitted to practice until the test is completed.

If you have any questions, contact Athletic Trainer Beth Newill at [email protected].