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Wish List

We are so grateful that you, our alumni and friends, continue to respond so generously to our wish list needs.

If you have any questions or would like to assist with donations for any of the below wish list items, please contact Mary Jo Yarris. at or 717-509-0313.

Theology Department Science Department   |  Math Department 

 Physical Education Department  English Department   

Foreign Language Department  | Campus MinistryFacilities   Audio/Visual  |  Athletics


In Support of the Theology Department

All wishes granted at this time!
Thank you.

In Support of the Science Department

Flinn Scientific 30, 24” Laboratory Stools ($2700)
Re-fit Physics classroom with student seats

Electrophoresis Laboratory System ($1800/system- two desired)
Complete classroom kits including chambers, power sources, microcentrifuge, gels and reagents.

Carolina Digital .7 cu ft Incubator ( $530)
Anatomy, Biology, Environmental Science classes including independent student researchers conduct experiments growing living organisms.
Sponsor bus for field trips ($500/bus- four desired)
Field trips provide desirable learning experiences for all of our biology, anatomy and environmental science classes. Students pay the cost of admission to the field trip site.

Carolina Dual-Head Stethoscope (set of 10 for $300)
Provides hands on instruction for students.
Carolina MoticMoticam Wi-Fi Camera ($370)
Description: It's an HD resolution microscopy camera that can transmit live images from a microscope directly to a tablet, computer, or smartphone. It's ideal for BYOD schools. It connects easily to the eyepiece of any microscope. 

PASCO Polarization Analyzer ($250)
An additional polarization analyzer would provide for smaller student laboratory groups in physical science and physics classes.

Carolina Altay Miniature Functional Joint Set ($145)
Students model the motions of the human knee, hip, elbow and shoulder joints with ligaments.

Independent Science Research Fund ($10-$500)
This fund pays for competition fees and transportation. It also helps individual students purchase supplies for Science Fair competitions.

In Support of the Math Department

Texas Instruments 30XIISTKT1L1B Scientific Calculator Teacher Kit - 10 Pack ($135.99 for 10)
Students will use these calculators for classes when graphing calculators are not allowed. Having these calculators available avoids the need for students to buy two calculators. Having these classroom sets of calculators will also allow foundation level students to always have a calculator available that they can use to do class work.
Would like 2 sets.
25 Student Pack Math XL Catalog # 9780321820129, ($415)
Students will use this math help software to do self-help practice. Having this software will allow students to practice math concepts that they struggle with until they master the required skill set.
Would like up to 6 packets.

In Support of the Physical Education Department

Polar H7 transmitters at $80 each. Includes the straps
This technology will allow students to monitor their workouts and adjust accordingly to reach their ideal heart range to improve cardiovascular fitness. It will also give instructors an objective standard to measure and grade student performance as well as give feedback/instruction.
2 Classroom set desired (one for boys PE/one for girls)= 50 (25 each)

In Support of the English Department

All wishes granted at this time!
Thank you.

In Support of the Foreign Language Department

Large magnetic white boards ($400.00)
These will benefit the Spanish and French classrooms. 
Two are requested. 

In Support of the Campus Ministry

Entire KAIROS Retreat ($8,000)
Entire Leadership Retreat ($6,000)
Entire 4th Day Retreat ($5,500)

In Support of our Facilities

Premier Teacher Package ($1,000/room)
Desks for an Entire Classroom ($4,500)
Classroom Flags ($300)

In Support of Audio/Video

Complete Audio Visual Equipment Upgrade Package ($8,500)

Set of 3 Soft Box Lighting ($150)
Front/Rear Projection Portable Da-Lite Screen ($1,800)

Canon FX 100/300 Camcorder with Tripod ($1,500-$3,000)
Live Event Audio Equipment ($2,400)
The sound board that we added in 2016 has been a tremendous asset to our production team. This system will take our live events to the next level that we need for FPA events and School Mass.
Video Production Package ($2,750)
Catholic High has the vision to enhance our video production to help create films and projects that promote the mission of Lancaster Catholic High School.

6-Pack of Slim LED Par Can Lights ($600)

Graphic Equalizer ($200-$600)

Boom Mic Stands ($150 each)

Kick Drum Mic ($200)

Condenser Mics ($700)

In Support of Athletics

All wishes granted at this time!
Thank you.