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Wish List

We are so grateful that you, our alumni and friends, continue to respond so generously to our wish list needs.

If you have any questions or would like to assist with donations for any of the below wish list items, please contact Mary Jo Yarris. at or 717-509-0313.

Theology Department Science Department   |  Math Department 

 Physical Education Department  English Department   

Foreign Language Department  | Campus MinistryFacilities   Audio/Visual  |  Athletics


In Support of the Theology Department

The Essential Guide to Catholic Terms
Mary Kathleen Glavich, S.N.D
Loyola Press
​The Theology Department would like to add a classroom set of ​The Essential Guide to Catholic Terms to help students better learn and understand the richness of our faith. Building a Catholic vocabulary is an important part of living our faith. These books would enhance the ability for the students to learn and live our faith to the fullest.
Total Cost for the Classroom Set: $125

In Support of the Science Department

Sponsor a bus for field trips ($500 per bus)

Sponsor bus for an educational field trip for the following science focuses: Environmental Science (one bus needed), Academic Biology (two buses needed), Advanced Biology (two buses needed).
Microscope Maintenance ($1000 per classroom set)

3-Dimensional Models ($2,000 complete package)

3-dimensional models enable students to grasp the concept of cells and their organelles more easily. The science department is in need of a Scientific School Torso Model ($1,000), Animal Cell Model ($500) and Plant Cell Model ($500).

PASCO Basic Optics System ($500 each)

PASCO Polarization Analyzer ($250 each)

Independent Science Research Fund (Varies)

Donations to this fund help individual students buy supplies for independent research projects. These students compete in a variety of science competitions. (PJAS, North Museum Science Fair, Widener University Mousetrap, JETS, NASA etc.)
Completion of an independent research project for credit is required to earn a STEM certificate.

In Support of the Math Department

1) Texas Instruments 30XIISTKT1L1B Scientific Calculator Teacher Kit - 10 Pack

$135.99 for 10

Students will use these calculators for classes when graphing calculators are not allowed. Having these calculators available avoids the need for students to buy two calculators. Having these classroom sets of calculators will also allow foundation level students to always have a calculator available that they can use to do class work.

Would like 2 sets:

2) Document cameras (4)

Ziggi HD Plus model # 5-868-3-08-00, $99 each

Teachers will use these document readers to project images of worksheets, other textbooks, or any material that they want projected to the SmartBoard. Having these cameras allows teachers to spend more time preparing diverse lessons and less time copying worksheet answers into new files. It also allows teachers to project material that is not available online. For example, they could project sample problems from a different textbook.

3 SmartBoard Document Cameras (TBA)

2 Classroom Sets of Scientific Calculators (TBA)

In Support of the Physical Education Department

Polar H7 transmitters at $80 each. Includes the straps

2 Classroom set desired (one for boys PE/one for girls)= 50 (25 each)

This technology will allow students to monitor their workouts and adjust accordingly to reach their ideal heart range to improve cardiovascular fitness. It will also give instructors an objective standard to measure and grade student performance as well as give feedback/instruction.

Total Cost = $4000

Additional Straps at $19 each.

Number desired = 100

The additional straps will allow all students enrolled in PE class to have their own individual strap for the semester. Each student will be responsible to maintain and clean his/her strap. The extra straps will allow students to come prepared for class, only needing to pick up and attach a transmitter. They will also save time at the end of class as students can take them home instead of cleaning them at school, thus maximizing active class time.

Total Cost = $1900

iPad Mini 2
Number desired = 2

The iPad mini will be used in “real” time to track student performance and give immediate feedback. Polar has a free app that will be loaded to the iPad allowing for transmission from student monitors to immediately be accessible. An evaluative website will also be used to securely upload and record student activity performance information for accurate, effective instruction and grading.

One iPad for each instructor

Total Cost = $571

Further questions please contact:
Kathy Stanley
Department Chair – Health and PE

In Support of the English Department

Noredink online grammar resource:

From Noredink representative:

Our minimum student implementation is set at 200 students. For a full year, the starting cost per student is $15. Our site license price cap is set at $7,500. Once you reach this amount (500+ students), there is no additional cost for student licenses.

Training & support is the only other cost required with the program ($500 for up to 10 teachers) and covers your initial one hour virtual training session (conducted by a live trainer), monthly Premium progress reports / check ins, and world-class customer support.

Mrs. Laird uses this resource with all of her students. Miss Chuprinski and Mrs. Weiss also use Noredin.

In Support of the Foreign Language Department

 At this time, all Foreign Language Department wishes have been granted. 

In Support of the Campus Ministry

Entire KAIROS Retreat ($8,000)
Entire Leadership Retreat ($6,000)
Entire 4th Day Retreat ($5,500)
Vestments for Altar Servers ($87/set - 8 sets needed)

In Support of our Facilities

Security Camera for Outside the Girls' Locker Room ($600)

Staging (Varies)

Premier Teacher Package ($1,000/room)
Desks for an Entire Classroom ($4,500)

Classroom Flags ($300)
Repaving of Parking Lot ($109,000)

In Support of Audio/Video

Complete Audio Visual Equipment Upgrade Package ($8,500)

Set of 3 Soft Box Lighting ($150)
Front/Rear Projection Portable Da-Lite Screen ($1,800)

Canon FX 100/300 Camcorder with Tripod ($1,500-$3,000)
Live Event Audio Equipment ($2,400)
The sound board that we added in 2016 has been a tremendous asset to our production team. This system will take our live events to the next level that we need for FPA events and School Mass.
Video Production Package ($2,750)
Catholic High has the vision to enhance our video production to help create films and projects that promote the mission of Lancaster Catholic High School.

6-Pack of Slim LED Par Can Lights ($600)

Graphic Equalizer ($200-$600)

Boom Mic Stands ($150 each)

Kick Drum Mic ($200)

Condenser Mics ($700)

In Support of Athletics

Pole Vault Pit Cover ($3,000)
End Zone Camera ($6,500)