Synchronous Learning Guidelines for LCHS Students Learning Remotely
Must be logged into your Google classrooms at the start of each class and remain in the class the entire period:
Regular Schedule

Period 1 8:00 – 9:14
Homeroom 9:20 – 9:33
Period 2 9:39 – 10:53
Lunch 10:59 – 12:17 (Free time to eat lunch, receive tutoring)
Period 3 12:23 – 1:37
Period 4 1:43 – 2:57
The bell schedule can be found on the student tab on LCHS website or here.
  • Please refer to your handbook for special schedule times.
  • Must be physically present on video (and audio when applicable); not a picture/bitmoji, etc.)
  • Must be visible on video (enough light on face).
  • Must be in appropriate attire, according to the LCHS casual dress guidelines found in the student handbook which can be found on the student tab the LCHS website or by clicking here.
  • Must be sitting at a table or desk (if possible) with the materials needed for each class. Environment should be quiet and well lit.
  • Must actively and respectfully participate in each class.
  • Must follow each teacher’s syllabus guidelines.
Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 7 AM- 4 PM
Due to COVID-19, we will be following CDC guidelines.
  • All visitors must enter through the Main Entrance and stop in the Main Office.
  • All visitors must first be cleared through the Main Office before proceeding to other areas of the building.
  • Masks and social distancing are required.