Star Team

What is STAR?

The mission of the LCHS Student Assistance Program (STAR) is to identify, intervene, refer, and monitor students having school-related problems. These may be due to personal difficulties, mental health issues (anxiety, depression, etc.), or drug & alcohol concerns.

The primary objective of STAR is to ensure that our students receive any help or support they may need in order to function successfully in the classroom.

STAR is an intervention program, NOT a disciplinary program!

To make a referral to the STAR team, please reach out to any member of the STAR Team, listed below.
You can also submit a referral by visiting this link.

Who are the members of the STAR team?

The STAR team is comprised of LCHS teachers, administrators, school counselors, and staff. Many of these individuals have been trained and certified through the PA Student Assistance Program.

Once a referral is received, the STAR team assigns a case manager who collects information regarding observable student behaviors in school. Based on the results of this information, the team makes a decision about whether further action is warranted.

Follow-up with the student may include a conference with a STAR team member or a request for assessment by a trained mental health or D&A specialist. In the latter case, the specialist works with the STAR team case manager, the student, and the family to recommend the appropriate action needed to best support the student’s needs.

Why does LCHS have a STAR team?

The primary responsibility of our school is to educate our students. If a student is depressed, feels hopeless, or is under the influence of mind-altering chemicals, he or she cannot learn effectively.

LCHS believes that our young people are our most precious natural resource. Our school has a unique opportunity to identify students who have been negatively impacted by high-risk behaviors or overwhelming circumstances, and intervene in a timely manner.

It is our hope that—as school, families and community resources work together—our students will become increasingly able to lead positive and productive lives, and experience school success.